New Website Launch for May 2017 – Bikini Hair Removal special offer

New Website Launch for May 2017 – Bikini Hair Removal special offer



To launch our new website, York Laser Aesthetics is offering you a fantastic 10% of all Laser Treatments and Courses of laser bought during the month of May.


With the Summer fast approaching now is the time to start to get that bikini treatment sorted or ditch the painful leg waxing and treat yourself to the ultimate in effective hair removal.  Laser Bikini Hair Removal is the ONLY procedure that provides long lasting beautiful results.  No more shaving or painful waxing, no more struggling with ingrown hairs – laser hair removal is the easy, no mess, no fuss way to achieve the look you’ve always wanted.  Whether its Bikini hair removal or Legs and Underarms you want treated, you won’t be disappointed at the results.


A Course of Laser Hair Removal Treatments is typically at 6 weekly intervals for body hair removal in the first few months and often later treatments are best every 8 weeks apart.   This increases the likelihood of targeting the hairs during the Anagen phase or growing phase of the hairs cycle, the target period for effective laser treatment.   With such a wide timeline it is easy to start a course of  treatment that can be tailored to work around your summer holiday.  From start to finish it is likely that your treatment package will take between 6 to 9 months in total.


Sun Protection is a must during and several weeks after laser treatments and it is recommended that you use a minimum SPF30 on the body during a course of treatments.  Tanning products are okay to use as long as there is none on your skin at the time of treatment and you still protect your skin with a good quality UVA/UVB SPF.   Laser cannot be performed on recently tanned skin, that includes topical tanning products.


Why wait any longer?  Contact us now for professional, friendly advise on how to achieve the best in hair removal treatments.

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