Laser Hair Removal For Men

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Hair Removal for Men is in high demand, with long-term results achievable.  6 to 9 sessions are typically required depending on hair density and skin type.  Our chilled air-cooling system ensures maximum client comfort during all procedures.

Nose Hair Removal

Nose hair removal involves clipping the nasal hair short after careful cleansing of the area.  A spatula is used to protect the delicate membranes of the nose whilst treating the hair follicles.  The treatment is very quick and only moderately uncomfortable.  The gentle flow of cooling chilled air minimises any discomfort.

Chest & Back Hair Removal

Laser hair removal gives excellent long-lasting results in the treatment of back and chest hair. A minimum of 6 to 9 treatments is required typically at 6 to 8 week intervals with a single treatment annually for maintenance.


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ItemSingle PriceCourse x 6Save
Small Area (eg. Nose or brows or ears)£30£150£30
Neck or Nape£50£250£50


ItemSingle PriceCourse x 6Save
Chest (includes Abdomen)£180£900£180
Back (includes Shoulders)£200£1000£200

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Essential Body

ItemSingle PriceCourse x 6Save
Chest & Back £300£1500£300