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Laser or Short Wave Diathermy (Electrolysis)

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20 Minute Session


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Broken veins on the face or body are painless, permanently dilated blood vessels. They are most often found on the cheeks, nose and chin of people with fair skin. They are painless and considered harmless and as such removal is termed a ‘cosmetic procedure’. Red or purple veins that are formed in fine lines around the nose, cheeks and chin often have a thread-like appearance and as such are often called thread or red veins.

York Laser Aesthetics has been treating thread veins since 2017.  Our practitioner is fully qualified in advanced blemish removal and in particular the treatment of facial veins using laser or electrolysis.   Our treatment targets superficial veins and are considered low risk with regard side effects.   Our treatment room and equipment are of the highest standard and safety and we strive to maintain at all times an hygienic, clinical setting.  Many of our clients have been referred by family and friends and satisfaction at the treatment and care they have received is high.

  • Spider veins are so-called as they form a fine web-like cluster, often a pinky red or light purple in colour resembling a spider’s web.
  • Spider naevi refers to veins that have ‘spider legs’ that branch out from a central feeding vessel.
  • Cherry Angioma are another type of burst blood vessel, often called ‘blood spots’ as they resemble circular raised spots of blood. They can be found on arms, chest, back and stomach. When pressed they will not blanche (go white).

Why Consider Vein Removal?

These are just a few reasons why some of our clients choose to have thread vein removal.

  • ‘I feel self-conscious’
  • ‘I’m embarrassed by them’
  • ‘they’re unsightly’
  • ‘they make me feel old’

Removal can help restore your confidence and can improve the appearance of prematurely aged skin. It is a common cosmetic procedure with effective visible results from the very first treatment. Results can be seen after a few weeks when treating the legs. Treatment carries low risks with minimal short-term side effects.

What Causes Broken Veins?

There is more than one cause for broken veins, often a combination of factors may be the reason such as a genetic predisposition (carried through family members). It is often a condition of middle age. The increased loss of the skin’s elasticity causes the blood vessel walls to weaken increasing the risk of small veins rupturing.

Long term sun exposure and photo damage are major contributors, as is rapid temperature fluctuations, harsh winds and exposure to very cold or excessively hot temperatures. Other causes include hormonal changes, particularly during puberty and in women during pregnancy and menopause. Rapid fluctuations in weight; certain medications and lifestyle choices such as smoking, alcohol and spicy foods can all contribute to broken veins.

Your 3 Step Programme to Skin Renewal

The Consultation

At your FREE consultation you can discuss your expectations and objectives and there is no obligation to proceed with treatment if you change your mind. The treatment procedure is explained in full and a personalised plan recommended. You will need to complete a medical and personal questionnaire to ensure suitability for treatment. It will also include details of medications and prescriptions taken, so it is useful to have a list prepared beforehand. A small area to be treated is patch tested to check your skin’s reaction to treatment.

The Treatment

We offer two methods of vein removal, laser using the Cynosure Elite 1064NdYag for face and body and Electrolysis for face only.

Laser Treatment

Laser treatment is the most effective method for superficial veins on the face and body. The number of treatments can range from 1-6 sessions depending upon the area treated. Face veins tend to require up to 3 sessions and leg veins tend to need more sessions at longer intervals often 12 weeks apart.

What happens during the treatment?

The laser light targets the blood vessel heating the capillary walls, causing the vessel walls to collapse. The blood is dispersed immediately or reabsorbed into the body over several weeks.

The skin is chilled with cool air before, during and after treatment to minimise the sensation of heat and provide a comfortable procedure. The laser light is focussed on only the target vessels, the surrounding skin will redden with some mild localised swelling immediately after treatment. Healing can take from a few days to several weeks with visible improvements from the offset.

Does it hurt?

You will feel a sensation of heat during the treatment. This is mild for small facial veins. Deeper larger vessels will have a stronger sensation of heat that is well managed with the chilled air and cooling gel applied during the treatment. Aloe Vera gel is applied to the skin immediately after treatment.

Your next session will be scheduled for about 6 weeks later for face veins and 12 weeks for body veins or once the skin is fully healed.


The skin is prepared with a sterile swab. Unlike with laser treatment, no chilled air or gel is used. A fine probe is lightly tapped along the vein causing the vessels to blanche.

Immediately after treatment the surrounding tissue will redden with some mild swelling. Aloe Vera gel will be applied to the skin after treatment. During the days after treatment the skin will form fine scabs, these should not be picked or rubbed but must be allowed to heal naturally over several weeks

The Aftercare

It is very important to follow the guidelines after treatment to allow the skin to heal well.


  • Strenuous exercise
  • Swimming in chlorinated water
  • Alcohol, spicy foods, caffeinated drinks
  • Saunas, hot showers and baths, heat treatments
  • Sunbeds and sunbathing
  • Do not pick or scratch scabs, allow to heal naturally
  • Do not use strong skin care such as glycolic acid and other alpha hydroxy acids, retinols, high potency vitamin c and salicylic acid


  • Use a soothing gel after treatment as required, such as aloe vera gel
  • Apply SPF protection and avoid excessive sun exposure
  • Use a mineral makeup if needed after treatment
  • Do inform your practitioner of any changes that may affect your next treatment session


Is Laser Treatment Safe?

Yes. Laser is a safe and trusted means of removing broken veins that has been used for many years. Your practitioner is a fully qualified and trained laser specialist in Candela and Cynosure Elite systems. Helene Duncan is a member of the British Medical Laser Association and is registered with a Laser Protection Advisor.

When Can I resume normal activity?

Depending upon the area and amount of treatment generally after a few days normal activity may resume.

How will my skin look after treatment?

Immediately after treatment the skin may be reddened with mild swelling. Some of the veins will have blanched and disappeared. Deeper larger vessels will often turn a dark purple and will take several weeks to fully disappear. You will be able to conceal the skin during healing with mineral makeup.

Helene Duncan
Helene Duncan
Level 4 qualified Aesthetician and Skin Health Practitioner

About Our Thread Vein Removal Clinic

Helene Duncan is a level 4 Aesthetician & Skin Health practitioner from a beauty therapy background. She is a member of the British Medical Laser Association and is qualified in Laser & IPL and in Advanced Skin Treatments. York Laser Aesthetics, formerly called Wetherby Laser Aesthetics, has been established since 2017.

To book an appointment for vein treatment or to discuss other treatments please contact us either online or call directly

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