Wart & Verruca Removal in York


Electrolysis Short Wave Diathermy

Treatment Time:

30 Minute Session


From £50

At our York based clinic , York Laser Aesthetics provides a swift and effective service to these often persistent skin conditions. Our experienced practitioner uses the best technology, electrolysis short wave diathermy, to provide a safe and hygienic wart and verruca treatment.

Our warts removal clinic is ideally situated in The Mount area of York and with off road parking available as well as being close to rail and bus services, getting to us couldn’t be simpler. We run a ‘By Appointment Only’ clinic, providing a discreet service with no walk-ins.

What are Warts & Verrucae?

Warts & Verrucae are small, harmless lumps on the skin. They are very common and are caused by the Human Papillomavirus (HPV). They will go away on their own, although this can sometimes take many months, even years. They are frequently found on hands, knuckles, knees and feet. Verrucae are only located on the soles and heels.

Although they are harmless they can sometimes become itchy or painful, particularly verrucae as they grow inwards with deep roots. People often feel embarrassed or self conscious with these blemishes and having them removed is a popular and quick treatment option.

There are different types of warts: Common, Plane, Filiform, Plantar and Mosaic. We advise that Wart Removal must be diagnosed by your Doctor before treatment with laser in our clinic.


Is Laser Wart Removal Safe?

Having a wart or verruca removed using electrolysis short wave diathermy is a very safe and reliable treatment. With an experienced practitioner there are almost no complications. Electrolysis short wave diathermy is a world renowned gold standard laser for a range of skin conditions. All skin types can be treated safely and effectively. Clinical trials have demonstrated that the HPV virus responds better when heat treated (laser) than cold treated (cryotherapy), suggesting a 98% clearance rate with laser compared to 14% with salicylic acid or freezing. One or two treatments is often all that is needed for swift results.

Does the Treatment Cause Pain?

There is a level of discomfort during the treatment. It is frequently described as feeling hot or sharp. It is an incredibly quick procedure, lasting no more than a few seconds. We use chilled cold air during and after the treatment to minimise the short period of discomfort.

Benefits to Removal by Electrolysis Short Wave Diathermy

  • It is a quick treatment with visible changes within days.
  • There is no need for a long course of treatment spread out over several months.
  • There is minimal downtime and there are no messy bandages or dressings required after treatment.
  • Normal activities including sport and swimming can be resumed within 24 hours of treatment.
  • A reduced recurrence rate compared to other removal methods.

Your 3 Step Programme to Wart Free Skin

The Consultation

At your FREE Consultation you can discuss your expectations and any concerns regarding the treatment method. There is a medical history and current health form to complete and a physical examination. The treatment can be performed on the same day or if preferred an appointment made for a later date.

The Procedure

The treatment itself is very quick. The laser light is set at the wavelength most appropriate for the target. A few pulses of the laser will in seconds penetrate under the skin for precise photo-thermal destruction. At the time of treatment the area may feel a little uncomfortable and tingly but this quickly passes within a few hours. Cold air is used during and after treatment to reduce any discomfort. The wart may look yellow or frosted. Verrucas will turn a dark purplish black. This is all perfectly normal.

The Healing & Aftercare

Over the course of several days the wart or verruca will blacken before eventually dropping off. This can take several weeks. During this stage in the treatment we recommend you avoid having heat treatments. Do not pick at the treated wart or verruca but allow it to heal naturally.

Contraindications To Treatment include

  • Cancer (radiation, chemotherapy)
  • Keloid Scarring
  • Pregnancy
  • Epilepsy
  • Poorly controlled Diabetes
  • Photo-sensitising conditions such as Lupus
  • Immune/Lymph disorders
Helene Duncan
Helene Duncan
Level 4 qualified Aesthetician and Skin Health Practitioner

About Our Thread Vein Removal Clinic

Helene Duncan is a level 4 Aesthetician & Skin Health practitioner from a beauty therapy background. She is a member of the British Medical Laser Association and is qualified in Laser & IPL and in Advanced Skin Treatments. York Laser Aesthetics, formerly called Wetherby Laser Aesthetics, has been established since 2017.

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