Blemish Removal by Laser or Advanced Electrolysis


(SUN DAMAGED SKIN & AGE SPOTS) Benign patches of darkened skin, accumulated melanin skin cells. They are caused by UV light exposure.

There are various methods available to help reduce the visible signs of sun damaged skin.

Laser light targets the pigment (melanin) causing it to darken. After several days the pigment forms a fine crust which should be allowed to flake off naturally. This can take up to two weeks. Several treatments are often needed.

Micro-needling can be used to break up melanin clusters as well as having the added benefit of inducing collagen induction.

Chemical Peels – chemical peeling agents can remove epidermal layers of the skin to lighten pigmentation irregularities that will help to smooth and refine the skin. The controlled wounding mechanism stimulates fibroblast activity for collagen renewal which will gradually improve skin firmness and overall appearance. Several treatments are often required at 3-4 week intervals for gradual progressive lightening.

Post procedure product usage at home is recommended for continued improvement. between treatments. AHA/PHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids/Polyhydroxy Acids) and Bionics pre and post treatment will reduce melanin pigmentation clumping, gently conditioning the skin to provide epidermal antioxidant protection and anti-aging benefits. SPF50 UVA/UVB protection is essential for continued skin health and repair.


Telangiectasia (Thread Veins and Spider Naevi) are common conditions typically located on the cheeks and nose. They can appear at any age and there may be various causes. A genetic pre- disposition, harsh environmental fluctuations or a poor skincare regime may all contribute to the condition. Treatment can be effective in as little as one to three sessions. Treatment can be effective after a single session although extensive telangiectasia often requires several regularly spaced treatments to achieve a satisfactory result.

Laser Treatment involves the laser light targeting the blood vessel and heating the lining of the wall. The vessel wall contracts and is thereby destroyed. Over a period of the time the blood vessel is reabsorbed and dispersed through the body (phagocytosis).

The Elite Cyro 6 Smartcool System ensures your skin is cooled pre, peri and post treatment to ensure a comfortable procedure throughout. Post procedure product usage is recommended. Anti-redness serum to help strengthen capillary walls and SPF 50 + Antioxidant protection against UVA/UVB light.

SKIN TAGS (a benign growth of skin on a stalk)
Removal Method:
Advanced Electrolysis using Short Wave Diathermy

MILIA (pearly white cysts sometimes referred to as milk spots)
Removal method:
manual extraction with lancet and tweezers.
Advanced electrolysis using Short Wave Diathermy.

CHERRY ANGIOMA (also called Campbell de Morgan spots) a proliferation of blood vessels of circular or oval shape.
Removal methods:
Laser Light therapy
Advanced Electrolysis using Short Wave Diathermy

SEBORRHOEIC KERATOSIS (seborrhoeic warts or basal cell papillomas) these lesions are not warts and are benign growths due to a proliferation of skin cells. They are very common and may appear darker than the surrounding skin.
Removal methods:
Advanced Electrolysis using Short Wave Diathermy

Fungal Nail Infection (Onychomycosis)
A fungal skin infection (like Athlete’s Foot) that is easily spread. Over time the problem may infect other previously healthy toes and fingers – often resulting in painful ridged greenish-white nails. If left untreated, this unsightly infection may eventually destroy the nail. To reduce the risk of reinfection post treatment a consistent homecare regime will be necessary. Fungal nail cream in between treatments and post treatment, replacing socks or tights as well as old footwear is recommended.

Treatment method: Laser Light Therapy NdYag 1064 wavelength.


Solare Lentignes & Age Spots

Single Area£70
Medium Area£110
Large Area£150

Telangiectasia (Thread Veins), Cherry Angioma, Spider Naevi

Small Area (eg Nose)£70
Medium Area (Cheeks & Nose)£90
Diffused Redness (Full Face)£110

Blemishes – Prices start from £40

Skin Tags MiliaFrom £40
Cherry AngiomaFrom £40
Sebborhoeic KeratosesFrom £40

Onychomycosis (Fungal Nail)

ItemSingleCourse of 3
Fingers or Toes£60£150