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Short Wave Diathermy

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20 Minute Session


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Skin tags are benign skin growths, commonly located around the eyes, neck, axilla region (armpits), under bra areas and the groin.  They can vary in colour from flesh to dark brown.  They may be raised on a stalk (peduncle) or they may be just slightly raised on the skin.  They are painless but can cause discomfort and irritation as the raised skin tags can frequently snag on clothing and jewellery.  Removal is a popular treatment as people often complain that even though they are completely harmless they can be un-sightly and their appearance ageing.

At York Laser Aesthetics our practitioner is fully qualified in the treatment of skin blemish removal and in particular skin tags.   Our treatment room is a safe, hygienic and clinical setting for this low risk treatment.   We have been treating Skin Tags since 2017 and have many satisfied clients, with new clients frequently having been referred by family and friends.

Skin Tag Causes

Some people may have a genetic predisposition within their family and may find they develop skin tags from early adulthood.  Other people develop skin tags as they age and many of us from middle age will develop a few.  There can be several causes, including rubbing of skin as well as friction from clothing or jewellery. Excessive sun exposure can also increase the risk of developing skin tags.

How Do We Remove Skin Tags?

There are several methods for skin tag removal.  At York Laser Aesthetics we remove skin tags by short wave diathermy (electrolysis).   It is a quick and very successful method of removal with little downtime and minimal risk of scarring and for this reason it is our preferred method of removal, particularly when treating the face.

Your 3-Step Procedure

The Consultation

The consultation is FREE and there is no obligation to proceed with the treatment.  It is an opportunity to discuss your concerns and expectations.  There will be at the time of the consultation a detailed personal and medical questionnaire to complete in order to ensure it is safe to proceed with the treatment.

The Procedure

Removal typically requires only a single session.  However, if there are numerous skin tags, removal may been to be spread over several treatment sessions.  A probe is inserted into the skin tag multiple times.  As it is cauterised the skin tag will shrivel and darken and may be either removed immediately or will drop off after one or two days.

There is a small sensation during the procedure but most people find it quite tolerable.  Once removed there may be a small scab which should be left to heal naturally leaving little or no mark on the skin.  The area is treated with a soothing gel and, if required, a plaster or bandage to reduce the risk of further rubbing or friction during the healing stage.  Immediately after the procedure the surrounding tissue will be reddened but this subsides within a few hours.  Normal activities should not be affected after treatment.

The Aftercare

It is important to follow the Aftercare recommendations to ensure healthy healing of the skin.  For a few days after treatment we recommend that you:


  • Wearing jewellery or accessories that may catch or rub the treated area
  • Avoid picking any small scabs, allow the scabs to heal naturally
  • Strenuous exercise that may induce friction or rubbing or excessive sweating around the treatment area
  • Swimming in chlorinated water
  • Saunas/hot showers/baths and heat treatments
  • Sunbeds and sunbathing

We Recommend:

  • Wear loose comfortable clothing to reduce rubbing during healing
  • Use a soothing gel such as Aloe Vera gel to help promote healing
  • Keep the treated skin clean
  • Apply sun protection if required
  • Mineral makeup may be worn if needed
Helene Duncan
Helene Duncan
Level 4 qualified Aesthetician and Skin Health Practitioner

About Our Skin Tag Clinic

York Laser Aesthetics can provide trusted and effective treatment for skin tags and other types of skin blemishes.  Founded in 2017 as Wetherby Laser Aesthetics, now located in York, we specialise in offering professional skincare treatments for a variety of skin issues.

Helene Duncan is a level 4 qualified Aesthetician and Skin Health Practitioner from a beauty therapy background. She is a member of the British Medical Laser Association (BMLA) and is qualified in Laser and IPL and Advanced Skin Treatments.

To book an appointment for skin tag removal please contact us either online or call directly.

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